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WUNDER started with a simple idea by three individuals who sought a better way to socialize and relax without relying on alcohol. Alexi, a father of three; Phil, an original cannasseur; and Christian, a former finance professional turned canna-curious adventurer, were united in their search for a healthier alternative. Their shared wonder evolved into a mission and a movement to promote healthier choices and joyful experiences. It’s about being able to unwind, be present for the important things in life, and be the best version of oneself afterward.
Now, WUNDER has grown into a community of dedicated canna-beverage enthusiasts who are optimistic about a future that is quickly approaching. They envision a world where conscious decisions about what, when, and how people imbibe become the norm. The Wunderkind, as they affectionately refer to themselves, aspire to foster a global community that is more present and curious. Their motto encapsulates this vision: “Be well, do good. Pop, collaborate and glisten.”
But the mission of WUNDER goes beyond beverages. The company acknowledges its individual and collective privilege and is committed to challenging systemic issues such as racism, sexism, ageism, and ableism. Through both voice and action, they strive to uphold values of inclusion, equity, and diversity. This commitment extends to their alliances and support within the cannabis industry, reflecting a broader goal of justice and equality that resonates with their core beliefs.
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