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Char Man Brand

Chris Sutton, the creator of Char Man Brand hot sauces, has a rich culinary background. Growing up while working in his family’s seafood restaurants, he developed an early passion for cooking and a love for fiery foods. Despite years of searching for the ideal hot sauce, he never found quite what he was looking for. This led him to a decision that would change his culinary journey—he would create the perfect hot sauce himself.
In 2006, Chris blended fire-roasted Habaneros along with other flavorful ingredients to craft a sauce as unique as his hometown. The Char Man sauce was thus born, drawing its name from the scorched legend of Ojai. The success and growth of this venture led Chris to open a bottling facility in Ventura, California in 2014. Since then, he has expanded his line with several more sauces, each with a distinct flavor profile that resonates with hot sauce enthusiasts.
Chris’s commitment to quality is evident in every bottle. All Char Man Brand sauces are made in small batches, utilizing hand-selected fresh peppers and premium ingredients. The dedication to craftsmanship and Chris’s unique culinary vision has cemented Char Man Brand’s place in the world of gourmet hot sauces.
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