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Blue Sage

Inspired by a belief in a healthy and balanced lifestyle, the creators of Blue Sage Topical Healing Cream have placed a strong emphasis on the healing power of nature. Cannabis, with its long history as a medicinal and spiritual element, has been harnessed to craft this unique remedy. Born from the needs of a collective of medical marijuana patients familiar with the untold healing benefits of cannabis, Blue Sage THC serves as a natural solution for pain relief.
Following Hermetic tradition, only organic, high THC content cannabis plants are sourced to infuse coconut oil. This base is then combined with skin-nourishing butters and a proprietary blend of premium essential oils. The resulting unique infusion ensures a high cannabinoid content that delivers efficacy and purity with unparalleled smoothness. This combination of ingredients reflects a deep commitment to utilizing the healing power of plants in every batch of Blue Sage THC.
Every small batch of Blue Sage Topical Healing Cream is lovingly handcrafted in California. With an unwavering focus on natural healing and quality, this product symbolizes a marriage of tradition and innovation, always prioritizing the health and well-being of its users.
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