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Drug War POWs

Sespe was founded on the ideal that everyone should have safe access to cannabis. The biggest danger any cannabis user faces is the legal system, which has been waging war against the citizens of this country for nearly a century. Legalization continues at a breathtaking pace, and for that we are grateful, but we must not forget the prisoners of the drug war who remain incarcerated.

Between the public hysteria surrounding the war on drugs and the resulting popularity of “tough on crime” legislation, we ended up with drug laws so unthinkably harsh that we now have individuals serving life without the possibility of parole for nonviolent offenses. Even with parole a possibility, drug offenses very frequently carry longer sentences than violent crimes, and the people doing the most time are often those who were the least involved; conspiracy law allows police and prosecutors to cast a wide net, and it is the most culpable parties who often have the most leverage to get themselves a better deal.

We have become involved with a number of organizations and individuals who fight this ongoing injustice, and we will feature their stories in this page. Currently, we¬† feature the artwork of paraplegic “pot lifer” Michael Pelletier, hand-made aprons from Pot Fairy, and we support CanDo Clemency‘s efforts to educate the public, extend compassion to the incarcerated, and fight for their freedom.

CAN-DO Clemency: fighting for drug war POWs

Legalization is sweeping the country (and the world), but so many prisoners of the drug war remain incarcerated. People serving life without parole for a nonviolent offense, like Michael Pelletier (featured here), and Craig Cesal, a first-time offender whose...

Deedee Kirkwood, Pot Fairy

Deedee Kirkwood is a 70-year old mother, grandmother, wife, artist, playwright, and cannabis activist, and curator of the Pot Lifers Museum and Boutique at Sespe.

Michael Pelletier, Drug War POW

Michael, a paraplegic since age 11, is serving life without parole for a non-violent cannabis offense. Find his original artwork at Sespe.




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