Free delivery on orders $75+
5/27 Hours: 9am – 5pm

Free delivery on orders $75+            5/27 Hours: 9am – 5pm

Policy Update: Pet owners, please take note

Recently, two of our drivers have been bitten by patients’ dogs, which has prompted us to add the following to our Terms of Service and to our Patient Contracts:

[quotebox]Patient assumes all responsibility for injuries and illnesses sustained by Sespe Creek Collective drivers caused by Patient’s pets and/or home. Sespe Creek may refuse service for aggressive animals. Sespe Creek’s decision to provide delivery service despite being aware of an animal’s history of aggression does not protect patient from medical claims related to treating injuries from aggressive animals.[/quotebox]

What this means is if your dog (or any pet that has free run of the area the driver will be delivering to) might get overly excited and injure the driver, you’re going to be responsible for the driver’s medical expenses.

The vast majority of the pets we encounter on a daily basis are calm and friendly and pose no danger, but if your pets are excitable or protective of you, you will want to contain them before the driver arrives.

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