Microdosing Made Easy: dosist New 200 Dose Pods

If you don’t already know about dosist pens, they’re a great way to begin microdosing. Their technology controls airflow and heating so that you get the same 2.5mg dose every time. This smartpen measures a complete dose at three seconds and then automatically shuts off. It’s suggested to wait 15-20 minutes after taking the first dose and in order to decide if you want more to achieve your desired high.

Their new 200 dose/500mg dosist formula pods are double the dosage of the original 100 dose pends and are interchangeable with the batteries so when you’re done with the pod you can dispose of it and keep the battery. The other great thing about these pens is that the Dose Controller (or battery) can be mixed and matched with any pod to suit your needs.


Arouse THC-Plus – This 10:1 (THC:CBD) formula is designed to awaken your senses and stimulate your mind. It’s good for sensory enhancement, mood elevation, and energy.

Bliss THC-Plus – This pod features an invigorating blend of high potency cannabis designed to deliver a feeling of euphoria, vitality and energy.

Calm – This pod is designed to promote balance and help relax your mind and body naturally. Optimized in a 1:6 (THC:CBD) formula for the new dose pen rechargeable system. It’s ideal for relaxation, anxiety, and tension relief.

Relax THC-Plus – A tranquil blend of high potency cannabis, this pod is designed to deliver a feeling of ease and relaxation. It’s good for tranquility, physical & mental relaxation.

Sleep – This 8:1 (THC: CBD) formula is designed to help you fall asleep, and stay asleep naturally. It’s good for relaxation, falling asleep, and staying asleep.

Each dosist pod is $50.

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