Michael Pelletier, *Former* Drug War POW


Michael Pelletier is serving life without the possibility of parole for a nonviolent cannabis offense. He has been a paraplegic since a farming accident at age 11, and has been in a maximum security prison in Terre Haute, Indiana since age 50. There are many articles about him online, you can read a bit about him in this great article from Civilized. Michael – who started using cannabis at age 14 after a farming accident put him in a wheelchair for life – was incarcerated in 2004 on charges of conspiring to import and distribute marijuana. He has found a measure of spiritual freedom through his art, but remains a prisoner of the drug war.

We will continue to advocate for Michael and other prisoners of the drug war. The ultimate goal is to repeal prohibition throughout the US. It has ruined too many lives and this must stop.

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