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CBD Alive Plentiful Oil 10:1 1ML


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A natural CBD-rich CO2 extracted oil, derived from a strain of Cannabis with a ten to one (10:1) ratio of CBD to THC. Each applicator contains 748 mg active cannabinoids. CBD is used to treat epilepsy, seizure disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, alcoholism; it is neuroprotective and strongly anti-inflammatory. CBD Alive Product InformationACTIVE CANNABINOIDSTHC: 58mgTHCA: 6mgCBD: 535mg CBDA: 94mgCBC: 25mgCBG: 17mgTHCV: 2mgCBDV: 11mg
More than 748 mg. of highest quality cannabinoids per 1 gram applicator.Ingredients: Pure CO2 Extracted Cannabis OilThis fully bioavailable oil is ideal for oral administration. A dose is considered .05 mg, which is about the size of a grain of uncooked white rice. There are 20 servings per applicator, each with around 30mg CBD and a small amount of THC, around 3.5mg. It is possible by ingesting a large amount this medicine could have mild psychoactive side effects. This concentrate may also be used in a vaporizer, but it is not necessary.


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