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CBD Alive THCA Suppositories


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7 Suppositories per bottle.
Each suppository contains 45 mg cannabinoids per cone.

Our THCA Suppositories contain the highest quality, CO2 extracted Cannabis oil which is lab tested to ensure accurate dosing and optimum standards of quality.
Rectal/ Vaginal administration, or use of suppositories, allows for medicine to exert effects over localized aliments. Suppositories are the butt of many jokes…. but no laughing matter. The speed and reliability of their uptake combined with their circumvention of many of the issues surrounding both ingestion and inhalation make them an excellent addition to both new and pre-existing therapeutic regimens.

Carefully note your body’s response before increasing dose. There have been no reports of negative side effects, but allow your body’s innate wisdom to lead the way toward your goal of sustained health. 

Ingredients: Organcic Cocoa Butter and pure CO2-extracted Cannabis oil
CBD Alive Product Information
THC: 5.25mg
THCA: 29.77mg
CBD: 1.49mg
CBDA: 4.51mg
CBC: .43mg 
CBG: .38 mg
CBGA: 2.9mg
CBDV: .57 mg

Total: 44.96mg


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