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Coyote Blue


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This strain was created by crossing Trainwreck, Cotton Candy, and Blueberry strains. It is an Indica dominant 60/40 hybrid providing a long-lasting calming effect felt throughout the mind and body. These buds are covered in amber hairs and a large concentration of trichomes.


Sespe Staff Says:

Jayce: This is my favorite indica-dominant hybrid strain of all time! The genetics for this strain are Blueberry x Candy Cane x Trainwreck. I waited eagerly all day to try some of this gorgeous Coyote Blue and let me tell you, I was not disappointed! The cerebral effects come on very fast, lightening up the mood and relaxing the mind after a busy day. After 30 mins or so, my body started to tingle and my knee pain went away. I was left feeling comfortable and relaxed, but was able to function and go about my night. Coyote Blue is a wonderful strain. Please do yourself a favor and try some Coyote Blue, you will not be disappointed.


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