Memorial Day Jars for Veterans, and More New Strains!

As we head into the holiday weekend, we honor the Veterans who are still with us with a bonus jar (ask when you order, Veterans’ ID required), and all of our thanks and gratitude.


  • Herojuana OG is an Indica dominant hybrid that hits very quickly in the head, which can lead to euphoric giggles, and then melt into a body numbing, fuzzy high that’s long lasting and can lead to an easy nap.
  • Sweet Relief tinctures now available in two High CBD/Low THC formulas. Look forward to an Indica formula in the coming days!
  • Train Wreck – a classic flower! Complex with slightly sweet n’ sour aroma greets us when opening up the container. Flowers have a good density to them, but not overly hard. A slight squeeze will bring forth delicious hidden terpenes, including pepper and citrus. This strain hits quickly and has a noticeable attitude adjuster in its head change, strong sativa medicine. Effects are great for daytime, and wear off well, without leaving you drowsy.
  • Sour Tsunami – This harvest delivers on its sticky, medicine-packed promise. The aroma is wonderfully sweet, a little reminiscent of Jack Herer. Nugs are large and dense and literally sparkling with trichomes. We found the smoke to be smooth and sweet, a nice bowl of medicine that delivers a clear head and relaxed body.
  • Super Sour OG A new flower, and true hybrid! The OG parentage definitely comes through with a fresh earthy organic perfume and a touch that light neroli flavor, like fresh squeezed lemon juice over a bowl of berries. These flowers truely bring the smell and smoke taste of a summer backyard bar-b-que with your closest friends. Each of these fluffy full buds have a rosiness of pink in all those pretty sunset orange hairs. Softly dusted in sparkly (soon to be/almost/would be kief-y goodness) trichromes each tiny leaflet is worth a second glance. The effect starts in the head, before settling down to the body.
  • LA GOO is skunky, POTENT, and an exceptional bargain! A cross between two potent indicas known for relaxation… expect heavy couch lock from this strain, with pain relief throughout the body. The smell and taste are strongly Afgoo, a strong musky smell that instantly distinguishes it from other strains and carries through in the taste.


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