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Kikoko Little Helpers Buzz

Feeling like you need a little boost to help you get through the day? Look no further than Kikoko’s Little Helpers. Each cannabis-infused mint contains 5 milligrams of THC and a daily dose of Vitamin D3 for immune-boosting and bone-building.

These vegan, naturally sugar-free, and gluten-free mints are a healthy alternative to cannabis gummies. Watermelon and basil Buzz Little Helpers give most people a smooth high that’s perfect for social banter, hiking, or a night alone with ’70s rock. To try them is to love them.

Another great thing about these mints is their transparency with ingredients used. Some key ingredients include:

  • Black pepper extract- increases the bioavailability
  • Beet- Natural Coloring
  • Xylitol- Natural Sweetener
  • Watermelon extract- Flavor/antioxidant
  • Vanilla Extract- Natural flavoring
  • Learn about more ingredients here

Kikoko Buzz Botanicals are $25 and come in a recyclable tin.

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