Expanded Menu

Sespe Creek is pleased to announce a new edibles menu! From savory pretzels and chili lime peanuts to sativa agave syrup and sugar-free chocolate bars — Aren’t you feeling hungry just reading this? Check out the extensive testing and dosage information at auntiedolores.com

We are also thrilled to be carrying Ground Owl Pain Lotions in calming and invigorating blends, both 1 and 2oz sizes. Our volunteers have been self-testing these on our sore spots and are quite impressed with the results!

4 comments on “Expanded Menu

  1. Thanks to the whole Sespe Creek Team for the excellent services and a great selection of high quality meds to accommodate everyone.

    My favs have been the Bubba Dub and Chem 91+Tahoe (looking forward to new batches of both), Blue Dream flowers and hash, Blackberry and Strawberry. The Blue Dragon, Headband, Super Silver Platinum are all very nice higher end flowers as well.

    I really enjoy the caramels and the Ground Owl lotion works well for joint pain, stiffness as well as well as skin abrasions. Looking forward to trying Ground Owl’s new chocolates!

    Thanks guys!

  2. I know someone with fibromyalgia in Texas. THC is illegal there, but I recommended she take CBD. She does not know how/where to buy any. Do you or do you know of any online sources that would ship CBD to Texas?

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