Help Bring Venice Cookie Co. Back!

The laws in California regarding medical cannabis cultivation, including infused products manufacturing and distribution, are still pretty vague even though new formal guidelines are in the works. Different cities also have different approaches to regulation and enforcement. So we ask for your assistance in helping one of our favorite vendors, Venice Cookie Co., continue to stock Sespe’s shelves with amazing products for our patients. If you are a fan of the 4:20 Bar, Canna-Quencher Lemonades, Subtle Tea, or their crazy new potent line of 4.20 Brownie concoctions, please download, print and sign Venice Cookie Co’s membership agreement without dating it. You can either fax it back to 855-722-9333 or email it back to us (vendors @ without the spaces) , or give it to your driver on your next delivery. Signing this agreement simply makes you a member of Venice Cookie Co’s collective, but it does not affect the membership agreement you already signed with Sespe.

Thanks for your understanding and assistance in this matter as we and all our vendors try to stay as compliant as possible while regulations governing our industry are changing.

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