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Dark Heart Premium Cannabis Flower

Dark Heart Premium Cannabis Flower

Dark Heart Nursery, a genetic cultivar of premium clones is now also a purveyor of premium cannabis flower and pre-rolls with its subsidiary Dark Heart Cannabis. Sespe Creek Collective is proud to announce it’s now stocking three classic strains: Blue Dream, Strawberry Banana, and Magic Melon eighths, and it’s Black Jack pre-roll five-packs. The company wanted to give consumers the best of the most beloved cannabis strains grown by some of California’s finest farmers, and introduce consumers to exciting new, and often rare, strains to explore and fall in love with.

This consumer offering complements the storied genetics sold to California growers and the plants DHI sells in dispensaries to retail customers. 


Hailing from Santa Cruz, California Blue Dream originated as a medicinal clone. A cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry (indica) and Santa Cruz Haze (sativa), Blue Dream quickly rose to become a staple in the West Coast grower and dispensary communities. With 50-100% stronger yields than most other strains, Blue Dream produces huge dense buds packed heavily with trichomes, and covered with a fine coat of light orange hairs. With a healthy balance of full-body relaxation and mental stimulation, Blue Dream is enjoyed by newcomers and veterans alike. While Blue Dream traits tend to lean toward its sativa ancestry, some phenotypes have more indica like expressions. $60/eighth.

Get ready to feel the magic when you take a toke of Magic Melon because this one hits hard and may bring out the philosopher in you. When it comes to growth and vigor, this strain may be one of the largest growing and most productive plants we’ve ever seen. The THC levels are not bad either, around 22%. We have found around 1-2% CBD on average and we feel like the entourage effect of the Cannabinoids has great potential to cure whatever ails you. This is a sativa-leaning hybrid. $60/eighth.

Dark Heart’s Strawberry Banana is a constant success for those looking for high THC levels with a fruit-forward profile. Whether you are looking to bolster creativity, or accelerate sensory experiences, this variety is a vibrant and highly recommended choice for connoisseurs and newcomers alike. (coming soon) $60/eighth

Black Jack is a masterfully cultivated variety of renowned strain. Very potent flowers have that classic, spicy Jack Herer smell. This sativa genetic has an unmistakable cerebral effect that is uplifting and rounded out with a subtle body buzz. Long-lasting and supremely enjoyable, this strain is highly recommended for connoisseurs. $48/pre-roll 5-pack

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