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Chocolate Hashberry Minis from Garden Society

Chocolate Hashberry Minis from Garden Society

Garden Society offers sun-grown flower pre-rolls that connect sustainable farming, local produce, and strain-specific cannabis. Not your average cannabis company, Garden Society set out to completely redefine cannabis for women and the stigma associated with it. As such, the company is bringing cannabis into women’s daily lives in a relatable way, including it’sfeminine approach to packaging and design to its low dose, high CBD options.

Garden Society’s delicately rolled Rosettes are filled with whole flower, sun-grown cannabis. Their calming indica-hybrid strains provide relief from life’s aches and pains – both mental and physical! Enjoy one before bed for peaceful rest.

Chocolate Hashberry is an aromatic strain with quality effects and beautiful foliage. With a smell indicative of its name, Chocolate Hashberry reeks of chocolate, hashy spice, and sweet berries. This delicious scent comes from combining two fantastic Kush cuts, Chocolate Kush and Blackberry Kush. On top of its excellent flavor and aroma, Chocolate Hashberry’s Kush lineage offers delightful mid-level sedation and a relaxed mental state that helps curb anxiety and minor pain while enhancing mood and focus. Each package contains ten, .375 gram pre-rolls.


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