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Compassionate Care Program (CCP) Eligibility Information

Patients need to adhere to their treatment plans to find relief from their symptoms; yet, not everyone has the resources to cover the costs of their treatment.  We are committed to offering members with a demonstrated economic need the opportunity to receive discounted and/or free cannabis at our dispensary.

How do I apply?

Complete this Compassionate Care Discount Program Application  and email your completed application to [email protected]

How does the selection process work?

Applicants are first screened for eligibility- each applicant must demonstrate residency in the county, financial and medical need, as well as being a member of the dispensary for a minimum of 60 days prior to the application.

Sespe reserves the right to limit the number of people selected to participate in the Compassionate Care discount program at any time.

How do I know if I meet the financial requirement?

We use several methods to calculate financial need, there are no strict cut-offs and we look at the totality of evidence to help us make this determination.   One method is the federal poverty standard.  This includes proof of participation in need-based government programs (i.e., Social Security Insurance, SNAP or Medicaid, but not SSDI).  Please speak with us if you have questions regarding financial needs.

How long does each Cycle Last?

We are currently accepting and processing applications on a monthly basis.  Participation in the program will be granted in 6 months to 1-year increments, depending on need.

How much will the discount be if I am selected?

Awardees are granted a 20% discount on cannabis, a maximum total discount per month not to exceed $500.  The Compassionate Care Discount can be used on products intended for your use only. This discount may not be combined with other discounts or promotions and any purchases made with the discount will not be eligible for loyalty points.

If my Medical Recommendation expires while I am in the Compassionate Care Program, will I still receive a discount?

Yes and No.  Awardees will need a valid medical recommendation or letter from their doctor while participating in the Compassionate Care program to receive free medical cannabis. Customers may still receive the 20% discount based on need if they qualify but do not have a recommendation.

How do I receive my free products?

Approximately every two weeks we will notify you to let you know what CCP inventory of products are available for you to choose from. With the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 34, Sespe Creek Collective is now able to provide up to $250 in free medicinal cannabis products per month to qualifying patients. 

What kinds of products can I receive?

We actively solicit all our vendors to donate to this program but availability of specific products will vary. We will do our best to accommodate specific requests.

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