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What’s the Deal with Cannabis Taxes?

Greetings Sespe Community! We have a policy update for you. Bear with us, this is important — we’re talking about YOUR money and OUR viability as a small business. May 14, the Ojai City Council discussed the potential for a special tax of up to 10 percent on cannabis business’ gross receipts. The matter will be presented to City voters (approximately 5,000 registered voters as of 2016) in 2020. We’re happy to pay our fair share, and it’s important to note the degree to which cannabis businesses are already taxed by the state of California. Let’s use the example of a cannabis retail business and a retail business that sells a separate consumer good — let’s say ice cream. Both businesses, in our example, have $500,000 in annual gross profits. […]

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A rose by any other name, or why we don’t call it marijuana (or weed) anymore

When Sespe was founded in 2010, our motto was “Weed for the People”; it was quite fitting in the context of our humble beginnings, operating out of the CEO’s kitchen. It had a bit of a defiant feel to it, almost a battle cry, also appropriate to the atmosphere of the time. Our mission then was to bring safe access to the people of Ventura County, a hostile environment where their needs had been ignored, put off, or outright refused since cannabis first came to California. In those early days the powers that be were still overwhelmingly opposed to our efforts, and we needed to channel our inner revolutionary to get where we are today. Throughout the years, our mission has not changed; however it has grown, as we have, […]

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