Cannalgesic: Topical Pain Relief

Spray LotionCannalgesic topical tincture spray starts with the finest ingredients that can be found in nature.  They use only premium medical grade cannabis and the purest isopropyl alcohol.  Three full months is needed to complete their cold brew tincture process which produces the base of the Cannalgesic products.  Vitamins are added to stabilize effectiveness and give Cannalgesic tincture a long shelf life while nourishing the skin during each usage.

Cannalgesic’s lotion base is hempseed oil which bonds medical cannabis to lotion for transfer through the skin and directly to the pain quickly. Fats from hempseed oil sweep any residual THC left on skin into alcohol flared cells.

They bottle in amber glass for IR/UV protection and each product is tamper sealed.  A Cannalgesic set consists of one spray and one lotion which usually lasts an average patient about three months.  Either product can be used separately with positive effects. Cannalgesic spray and lotion work without causing euphoria or numbness, though a slight tingling is normal.

Never eat or drink Cannalgesic products as they are only intended to be used topically.

Cover with a dab of lotion.

2 sprays on the pain source

Cannalgesic products should not be used by people with; sensitive skin, open wounds, rashes or known negative reaction to rubbing/isopropyl alcohol.

One comment on “Cannalgesic: Topical Pain Relief

  1. The effects of this medication are pretty amazing. Roll on, or spray..combined with the lotion.
    I used it on my neck and my muscles instantly relaxed as the pain faded away. Within 15 minutes I was able to move my neck at full range of motion..pain free!

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