Canna Soothe

Since it’s humble beginnings in 2005 in San Francisco, Jolly Lolly, now Canna Soothe, found its footing in the cannabis-infused hard candy edibles market. Several years and several iterations later, the company has settled on a formula and packaging strategy that it believes is a winner.

Canna-Soothe’s new lozenge is artisanal and handcrafted. Pulling from confectionary history, the new Canna-Soothe lozenge is hand panned and coated. The panning (also called coating) process keeps the pieces from getting sticky and tacking to each other. Each piece is separated and cured to dryness before entering the packaging phase.

Natural flavors combine with full-spectrum select cannabis extracts producing tasty and effective lozenges. Each piece is 5mg THC providing accurate and manageable potency levels. Two varieties are now available: indica Tangarine and sativa Strawberry.

Each package contains 20 hand-crafted pieces in a discreet flip-top pack. This unique approach allows the company to reduce its plastic footprint, not require individual wrapping of the pieces, and use a compact case made with recycled plastics.

Canna-Soothe lozenges are initially available in our all-natural sugar-based formula with sativa and indica dominant options appealing to recreational consumers and offering viable medicinal applications.


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