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CANN Roadies

CANN Roadies

Beverage company Cann has expanded its portfolio of cannabis-infused social tonics with the introduction of a new ready-to-mix sachet format. The launch of Cann Roadies comes a year after the brand’s initial launch and forms part of its millionth can milestone celebration. Cann entered the cannabis industry with ready-to-drink micro-dosed beverages for those seeking a social alternative to alcohol. Since its initial launch, the brand has expanded statewide throughout California.

Cann Roadies offer consumers a liquid packet format in the brand’s lemon lavender flavor. Simply add these liquid packets into seltzer or another your beverage of choice and voila, you’ve got a refreshing infused beverage. Each box has 10 sachets that can be poured into sparkling water to create a “Cann experience” on-the-go. Add a couple to a pitcher to share with friends, or throw one in your pocket to enjoy on a hike or out at an intimate backyard barbecue with friends. Each box contains 10, seven-ounce servings. Currently, Roadies are available only in Lemon Lavender flavor but with plans to expand to more in the coming months. With 30 calories per sachet, each packet also offers the same dosage (2mg of THC and 4 mg of CBD) as Cann’s current products.

  • A light buzz; contains only 2 mg of THC for perfect micro-dosing
  • No hangover; contains no alcohol and only low-dose TCH
  • Fast onset; the effects can be felt in as little as 15 minutes
  • Low calorie; each serving contains only 30 calories
  • More eco-friendly; uses much less packaging than canned versions
  • Discrete and portable; compact form factor makes them ideal for outings

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