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Brother David’s Flower

We’re pleased to share the latest strain from our friends at Brother David’s. Orange Creamsicle was created using two of the sweetest strains around – Juicy Fruit and Orange Crush. The former is a sativa-dominant bud with a creamy flavor, while the latter is an indica strain with a tangy taste and aroma.

$40 per 8th.

About the Company

When cannabis was legalized for personal use in California in 2016, the founder of Brother David’s saw cannabis in the same predicament as every other legal commodity crop: corporate industrial players moving in, investing in huge energy- and chemical-intensive grow operations and displacing small family farmers who had been growing in a regenerative earth-and-community building way. There was a crucial need for a high-bar, third-party certified consumer-facing standard for growing cannabis regeneratively. Sun+Earth Certification was developed collaboratively by next level regenerative farmers, organizations, and companies in the cannabis world.

Brother David’s is using its brand platform to help elevate this new growing standard, with 100% of profits going to improve the land, lives, and communities of its cannabis family, as well as towards ending federal prohibition once and for all. Brother David’s envisions a world where “all farming ecosystems are regenerative and organic, producing our food, clothes, personal care, and medicines in ways that support thriving rural economies and biodiverse wild habitats.”

Unfortunately, due to ongoing federal prohibition, cannabis cannot yet be termed “organic” or qualify to participate in the highest growing standard known as the regenerative organic certification (ROC) program. ROC agriculture is a path that not only reverses the social and environmental harms that industrial ag causes, but can help address our climate crisis by using the soil to draw down and sequester atmospheric CO2.

As stewards of good agricultural practices, David and friends launched Brother David’s on Earth Day 2019 as social venture to protect the land, lives and community of small-scale family cannabis farmers and end federal prohibition.

All of Brother David’s partner farms are Sun+Earth Certified, growing cannabis regeneratively in the rich, sun-drenched soil, versus industrial chemical and energy-intensive indoor operations that are destroying the small family-farmer ecosystem.

David continues to work toward ending prohibition of all plant medicines, so that we may have responsible access to these sacred allies that open our hearts and minds to each other and our miraculous living earth.

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