Blue Maui (or, the strain formerly known as Elvis) — and more!

First, Happy New Year! Holiday hours are: closing early today at 4:20, and closed tomorrow, New Year’s Day. And now for the fun stuff!

We wanted to share this absolutely glowing review of our exclusive Blue Maui (aka Elvis) from 420Times:

Getting into these buds, you can see the beautiful frostiness of the blue dream genetics; you will also notice the bright orange and light greens. There are clear distinctions of both strains coming through by sight, smell and taste. The flavor is truly amazing; it is a full-bodied, smooth smoke with the sweet taste of tropical fruits, pineapple, and hints of blueberry. I also sense a pine note in there as well. Blue Maui is definitely the best of both families, creating the perfect sativa lover’s dream! The result is a very creative, inspiring, productive, and motivating effect.

View the whole review here, or just click the magazine image to the right →

Blue Maui

And these three gorgeous, “For The People” strains are here to help ease holiday stress for you and your budget — click any of the images to view in full size, and download (they are desktop wallpaper size!).

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