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Free delivery on orders over $75!           Prices shown include all taxes

Seven Reasons Why Delivery is the Future of Cannabis Retail

Denver, United States. 1st January 2014 -- The line started in pre-dawn and grew far down the street before the Lodo Wellness Center, a pot dispensary in Denver Colorado, opened their doors. There have been some interesting developments regarding applications for cannabis delivery services lately. Startups like Nestdrop have already come under fire, being slapped with a lawsuit from the city of Los Angeles before it could take off in that city. Eaze and Meadow are other offerings, both claiming to be the Uber of weed, promising quick and easy delivery from participating dispensaries. Read more

The Price of (Delivered) Weed

In the interest of transparency, and to help illustrate why we’ve implemented a per-delivery fee, here’s a breakdown of what it costs to provide safe access to medical cannabis in this area. Because we have avoided the “backpack delivery” model where drivers carry their limited menu with them (on the advice of our attorney), we require a larger communications budget than those types of services, and we have a much higher staffing need and the expense of cars, gas, and maintenance over brick-and-mortar shops.   Read more

Scam Alert!

WARNINGOne of our patients received a phone call recently from someone claiming to be a DEA agent. They told her that she’d ordered prescription drugs over the internet and had violated federal law, and attempted to get her to pay a “fine” to avoid being arrested. Read more

Medical Marijuana’s Momentum

Momentum seems to be on the side of medical marijuana recently.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and the Justice Department announced that the federal government would stop focusing on prosecuting marijuana in states that have legalized its use August 29. The memo impacts the Nineteen states and the District of Columbia that have medical marijuana laws, as well as Colorado and Washington which legalized recreational use. Read more

Studying CBDs

While laboratory-based research is uncovering fascinating information about CBD, physicians want to know what patients are experiencing. Are the effects of CBD-rich cannabis and high-THC cannabis noticeably different?  If so, how? Patients, collectively, can provide the answers.

Our friends at Project CBD have asked for our (and your) help — and it’ll only take 10 or 15 minutes of your time.   Read more

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