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Artet Cannabis Aperitif

Artet is a family owned and operated company. Their flagship product celebrates the intersection of cocktail and cannabis culture. Inspired by the aperitifs of Italy, but made in California, this unique cannabis-infused beverage is unlike most others on the market. Comprised of a host aromatic spices and botanicals, including juniper, cardamom, all spice, gentian, chamomile, and Italian grapefruit and infused with cannabis, Artet is ideal as a cocktail alternative.

The flavor of Artet is that of a bright and expensive ginger beer without the overpowering spice or sweetness. The high is super mellow, floaty and effervescent. Artet is inspired by French and Italian style liqueurs. Each 50 ml serving contains 2.5 mg THC. Recommended pours are on the rocks with a twist as a single or double or a single over ice topped with tonic and lemon. Each batch is a blend of cannabis and eight botanicals that work in harmony to make Artet delicious on the rocks, intriguing when mixed, and always enjoyed in good company.


Premium Flavor —Artet is a blend of botanicals from around the world that combine to create a flavor profile that is floral, spiced, and dry.

Clean Ingredients — Artet uses only all-natural ingredients, with many even being USAD organic-certified.

Health Conscious — Artet is low calorie, low sugar, and full of flavor. It’s completely alcohol-free, so there’s no hangover.

Versatile — Artet is delicious on its own on the rocks, or as the base of a cocktail.

Great Value — Artet is shelf-stable, unlike beer or wine, so you never have to worry about spoiling after opening.


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