An Appetite-Suppressing Cannabinoid?

Lovely, no? Get it while you can!

Sespe Creek is proud to be one of just twelve dispensaries across California offering Flow Kana’s limited edition Pink Boost Goddess — a THCV-rich indica hybrid strain grown by Emerald Spirit Botanicals in Mendocino County.

What’s THCV? I had the same question. It’s a cannabinoid that is closely related to THC, and is primarily found in North African cannabis — think Durban Poison. According to Flow Kana, THCV is anecdotally known for anxiety-reducing, appetite-suppressing, and general relaxed effects. Interestingly, THCV usually appears in sativa strains, but Pink Boost Goddess is one of the rare indica-leaning strains. 

Leafly put together a helpful guide to THCV: ongoing research indicates that in addition to being an appetite suppressant, this cannabinoid may help reduce anxiety, and may be helpful in treating Alzheimers, Diabetes and Osteoporosis. Pink Boost Goddess contains 18.7%  THC and 4.24% THCV.

That’s the science — but how is Pink Boost Goddess to smoke? Flow Kana describes the high as “joyous, settled, and motivated.” 

Confession: I typically think cannabis brands’ descriptions of their products are mostly BS. But I totally agree with Flow Kana on this one! Pink Boost Goddess is relatively high in THC (nearly 19 percent), but the high it produces is relatively subtle. It’s an interesting indica in that it is mentally relaxing — but not tiring. 

And I know folks are curious about the appetite-suppressant qualities. Now, we’re all different, but here’s what I can say: indicas tend to turn me into something resembling a wild beast around the snack cabinet. Pink Boost Goddess did not have that effect in the slightest!  For me, this is a rare indica hybrid that is light enough for daytime smoking.

I’ll also note that Pink Boost Goddess’ packaging is absolutely lovely: it comes in a cardboard package with a tin top — we’re always happy to see low-plastic packaging!

I encourage you to come on in to Sespe to try Pink Boost Goddess for yourself. It is a limited edition strain — once it’s gone, it’s gone. We are beyond excited that Flow Kana decided to share it with us in Ojai!

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