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Alpha Pen from Brnr Lab

We know that all Vape batteries are not created equal. And, that is why we’re excited to introduce the Alpha Pen from BrnrLab. Powered by Grade A batteries, (the strictest performance category) and combined with SmartPulse Technology, the Alpha prevents the burning of precious oil and reduces stress on the internal ceramic core. Availble in four colors: black, pink, blue and silver. This pen is a bargain at $22.

  • Vapor On Demand — Using a buttonless design, this device is activated by inhalation; intuitive and easy to use.
  • Smart pulse No-burn Technology —An automated temperature algorithm sends intermittent pulses of power to the core, instead of the constant heat, preserving the flavor and preventing device overheating during usage.
  • Variable Temp (low for flavor, hi for hit) — Optimized perfectly for viscous distillate or terpene-rich formulations.
  • Protective MouthpieceA removable cap allows discreet usage and cartridge protection.
  • Haptic Feedback —Uses vibration for user feedback instead of LEDs for discreet usage and greater control.

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