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About Feminized Seedlings

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A feminized seedling is a small, immature plant that is sprouted from a feminized seed. “Feminized” means that the breeder used a process called “feminization” to create seeds that are 99.5% female. More information: Dark Heart: Feminized Seedlings



(April-June) is the perfect time to plant feminized seedlings!


Plant any time indoors with sufficient light, but feminized seedlings typically do best outdoors or in a greenhouse environment.


99.5% Female

The chances of getting a male feminized seedling at the retail level is extremely low. If a customer believes they received a male, have them contact [email protected] with photos. Here’s a video tutorial on how to identify males in your garden: Determining Sex at 4-6 Weeks

Stable Genetics

You will see little to no phenotypic variation amongst your seedlings of the same strain. Stable cannabis seedlings means that the seed has been inbred with itself generation after generation until its offspring exhibit little to no phenotypic variation (varying characteristics such as plant size, internodal spacing, bud structure, bud color, smell, cannabinoid profile, etc.) and have the desired phenotypic display the breeders were shooting for.

You can plant early for a head start!

Feminized seedlings have a “juvenility period” during which the plant cannot be induced into flower, whereas clones are much more likely to prematurely flower if placed outside before May 15th.

Stunning taproot vigor!

Seedlings (not clones) have a taproot, a large, central root that bores straight down in search of nutrients. Taproots create deep root systems that fuel explosive growth in seedlings, a phenomenon known as “seedling vigor” or “taproot vigor.”

Heat and drought resistance

Thanks to a taproot, feminized seedlings can handle hot weather and harsher climates better than some clones might, and can go longer without water.

Bigger yields

Planting early + seedling vigor = excellent yields. Growers have reported that seedlings can produce 20% – 2X the yield of clones depending on the strain and how ideal the conditions are.

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