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2018 Guide to Choosing a Vaporizer

2018 Guide to Choosing a Vaporizer

Perhaps you’ve made a resolution to get healthier or quit smoking this year. We’re not knocking smoking! It’s great too. But every cannabis user should try vaporizing at some point to see if it’s right for them. There are plenty of reasons to choose a vaporizer over smoking:

  • Vaporizing is healthier since fewer carcinogenic compounds are released compared to combustion (smoke). 
  • Many people prefer the clear-headed high that vaporizing provides. If you haven’t tried it yet, give vaporizing a go—it feels a little different than smoking.
  • Vaporizing has far less of a smell and is more discreet than smoking.

The list goes on…

Okay, so you’re sold. What’s next? How do you choose which vaporizer? It used to be easy to pick a vaporizer since there were only a handful of options. Now there are hundreds of brands to pick from. It can take hours of reading and watching review videos to figure out which one is right. However we’re delighted to share this excellent flowchart to make this task much easier for you. 

If you’re a complete beginner here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. You will have to pick between a portable vaporizer (which can move around with you) and a desktop vaporizer (which stays plugged in at home).  Desktop vaporizers generally have better vapor quality but aren’t mobile like portable units.
  2. If you pick a desktop vaporizer there are generally two ways to use them: with bags that fill up with vapor and direct draw whips. Whips are easier for a newcomer.
  3. If you pick a portable vaporizer you can pick between butane and battery powered. Butane is heated with a torch while battery powered is well… battery powered.
  4. Keep in mind that all of these vaporizers handle herb but not all of them handle concentrates. If you want to vape concentrates (oil) along with your herb make sure you choose that path on the flowchart. If you only want to vape concentrates, don’t look at this flowchart and instead consider an oil vaporizer pen. Book an appointment if you need help picking the right one.

That’s about it! Now start the chart and pick your perfect vaporizer.

Flowchart designed by Vaporizers Direct.

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