All About Topicals

Sespe Creek is proud to carry a variety of topical cannabis preparations, which have the benefit of being completely non-psychoactive, and won't show up in drug tests. Patients have reported localized and generalized pain relief, along with improvement in skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. Topical cannabis helps by working along with the body's natural cannabinoids, and is most effective when used in conjunction with either vaporized or edible medicines. Order yours here!

Lavender and Peppermint Pain Relief Lotions

Calming Blend

The calming blend works best for muscular aches and pain, and has the pleasant and relaxing aroma of Lavender flowers.

Invigorating Blend

The invigorating blend contains ingredients that have a cool tingling effect that promotes and increases the natural cannabinoids already found in the body. This blend has a better effect on joint or back pain, but works on muscle pain as well, and has the uplifting aroma of peppermint.

Our patients and staff have found great benefit from these; here are some reviews that were posted by patients recently:

"I have Eczema and Lichen Planus with Chronic Cycling Inflammation. The LP used to ooze, bleed, and scab every 2 to 3 weeks. Within a week of using the peppermint cream (once daily at night) my scabs were gone and i no longer had raised areas of inflammation. Now two weeks in i rarely feel an itch or irritation and the redness is receding! A little goes a long way too, i purchased the 2oz and can see it lasting 3 to 5 months applying between 1/8th and 1/4 tsp a day. I hope this helps others decide to give it a try especially for dermatitis an itching." -- [Hippie44]

"ASK ABOUT THE LOTIONS. I've never used them before, and have chronic sore legs and feet from work. It works immediately. Hands down best purchase I've made since I've had my card. Can't wait to call back and pick up some wax and some more lotion!" -- [STONER805]

"The pain relieving cream has had excellent results on both arthritic hand joints and low back pain. Thanks for such a good product." -- [iron1us]

"I really enjoy the caramels and the Ground Owl lotion works well for joint pain, stiffness as well as well as skin abrasions. Looking forward to trying Ground Owl’s new chocolates!" -- [Tom S]

Natural Relief Cannalgesic

Cannalgesic topical tincture spray starts with the finest ingredients that can be found in nature.  They use only premium medical grade cannabis and the purest isopropyl alcohol.  Three full months is needed to complete their cold brew tincture process which produces the base of the Cannalgesic products.  Vitamins are added to stabilize effectiveness and give Cannalgesic tincture a long shelf life while nourishing the skin during each usage.

Cannalgesic's lotion base is hempseed oil which bonds medical cannabis to lotion for transfer through the skin and directly to the pain quickly. Fats from hempseed oil sweep any residual THC left on skin into alcohol flared cells.

They bottle in amber glass for IR/UV protection and each product is tamper sealed.  A Cannalgesic set consists of one spray and one lotion which usually lasts an average patient about three months.  Either product can be used separately with positive effects. Cannalgesic spray and lotion work without causing euphoria or numbness, though a slight tingling is normal.

Never eat or drink Cannalgesic products as they are only intended to be used topically.

Cannalgesic products should not be used by people with; sensitive skin, open wounds, rashes or known negative reaction to rubbing/isopropyl alcohol.