The Firecracker Experiments: ABV Weed

Here at Sespe, we like to be frugal. Medicine is expensive, and we never waste a bit of it if we can help it. To this end, we have undertaken some experiments here in the Test Kitchen, using previously-vaporized materials to create some interesting edibles. There are many ways to make firecrackers, which are one of the easiest edibles possible, though definitely not for the fussy gourmet palate.

The science behind firecrackers is that an oily substance (butter, oil, or in this case, peanut butter) will extract the THC and other medicines from the leaves, and convert them to something you can absorb through your gastrointestinal tract. Peanut butter is also an ideal ingredient for its strong taste, which helps mask the fact that, let’s face it, ABV (already-been-vaped) weed is not delicious. I’ve read that baking firecrackers is not strictly necessary, that peanut butter itself will extract the medicine if left to sit long enough, but who likes to wait that long?

The ingredient list is simple: cinnamon graham crackers, oily (“old-fashioned”) peanut butter, and your vaped remains (variations on this recipe to be covered in future installments). I used slightly more than 1g vaped material per cracker sandwich, which I believe is a little on the high side as far as most recipes recommend. Now I understand the reason recipes don’t recommend using this much — it’s truly surprising how effective this “used up” medicine is.

So, the preparation: mix peanut butter and ABV weed well, spread on the sugary side of cinnamon grahams. Might want to consider adding just a touch of agave syrup for sweetness. Arrange into sandwiches, wrap loosely in aluminum foil. Bake around 30 minutes at around 325 degrees. About halfway through you’ll starts smelling good things — very encouraging! The result is a little on the dry side, but remarkably non-awful tasting. As for the medicinal effects, let’s just say I’m having a wonderful afternoon and I’m really appreciating my hair.

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    • Surprisingly not *that* gross. Helps if the AVB bud is really dry and frangible, it just kind of blends in with the peanut butter.

      Waste not, want not!

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