Patient Consultations

Are you new to medical cannabis, or having some issues with your medication? Could you use some extra help navigating your options, using a device, dosing with edibles or picking the right strain? This doesn't have to be on your first visit, we're happy to consult with any patient who needs extra help getting the most out of their medicine. This consultation can take place either by phone, or in person. For the in-person help, our drivers are happy to spend a few extra minutes with you, just let us know in advance so we can schedule our routes accordingly.

Consultations up to 15 minutes are free of charge. Anything over 15 minutes by phone is charged at $15 per 15 minutes, and longer in-home consultations are minimum 1 hour. If you require additional assistance please call our office at 855-722-9333 to schedule a canna-consultation based on your needs.

We also recommend Getting Started with Medical Cannabis, our 4-page guide.

First 15 Minutes: FREE!

The first 15 minutes of any patient consultation is on us. You can get a phone consultation by selecting 3 from our phone menu options, or make a note on your order, so that we can schedule drivers accordingly. 

In-Home: $65/hr

1-on-1, in person consultation on product selection and consumption. We can also bring samples based on your needs so you can narrow down the choices faster! If you need longer than an hour, additional 15 minute increments are $15.

Phone or Skype: $15/15 min

With or without video, 1-on-1 consultation to assist with product selection or consumption questions.