Vaporizing with an e-cig (Tincture Tank)

A few months ago, we had the chance to try out some e-cigarette type vaporizers with a medicated glycerine-based tincture in them. This intriguing method is significantly easier on the lungs than vaporizers that work by heating the plant matter to just under its combustion temperature, which can still be quite irritating to very sensitive lungs.

As someone who physically cannot smoke or vape, I find that the e-cigarette is a pleasant and effective way of medicating throughout the day, and it has very little impact on my breathing. The only real challenge was figuring out what sort of e-cigarettes worked, what sort of liquid was needed, and how to get the liquid into the e-cig. There is an intimidating array of options out there, but after a bit of trial and error, I’ve found what I think to be the best combination for medicating with cannabis.

Option 1: “Cartomizer” type e-cigs
While it may be possible to make these work for a cannabis-based liquid, I cannot recommend it. This was the first thing I tried, after buying a “kit” at a local store, consisting of a battery, a charger, and two cartridges that were already filled with regular cigarette juice. I washed the little filters and tried my best to get it to work, but it was just not good. I even bought blank cartridges and filled them myself, still was not a workable solution. Glycerine tinctures (which I prefer, they are the mildest and least likely to irritate) are thick, and thick liquids don’t work too well with that kind of wick.

Basic e-cigFrankentoke
Option 2: Cartridge + Atomizer
The second attempt was more successful: using an easily-fillable plastic cartridge that doesn’t use any kind of wick, and an atomizer which the cartridge just snaps into. Since all the parts I’d chosen had the same connector, everything fit, and this odd-looking contraption (affectionately dubbed “Frankentoke”) worked fairly well. This could also be used with the larger battery, but these tanks aren’t really the ideal solution — they are technically refillable, but the plug is quite fragile, and if they leak too much you’ll ruin your battery. The search continued!

Tanks and BatterySuccess!
Option 3: Clearomizer / Tincture Tank
Next, I got a very affordable “kit” that consisted of a battery and a CE5 tank. Pictured above, you see two different kinds of tank, the CE5 “Clearomizer” which holds 1.6ml of liquid, and a slightly larger tank that holds up to 3ml and has a different sort of wick. The CE5 has been the best of all the tank types I’ve tried, the wicks are ideally suited to very thick liquids and you can see exactly how much you have left.

The good news is that this combination is surprisingly affordable — I got mine from a small company that is based in Southern California. They don’t have much of a selection, but that may actually be a plus, since the array of options available can be quite intimidating at some sites. They have CE5-based kits at $30, which is all you’ll need to get started vaping a glycerine-based tincture, with the exception of the actual tincture.

Now, there are many more advanced vaporizer options, including ones that will also work for dried flowers and concentrates — we’ll cover this in a future post.

If there’s enough interest, we have the capability to offer glycerin-based tinctures — so if you have (or are considering getting) an e-cigarette setup like this, please leave us a comment and we’ll get some of those on the menu!

Memorial Day Jars for Veterans, and More New Strains!

As we head into the holiday weekend, we honor the Veterans who are still with us with a bonus jar (ask when you order, Veterans’ ID required), and all of our thanks and gratitude.


  • Herojuana OG is an Indica dominant hybrid that hits very quickly in the head, which can lead to euphoric giggles, and then melt into a body numbing, fuzzy high that’s long lasting and can lead to an easy nap.
  • Sweet Relief tinctures now available in two High CBD/Low THC formulas. Look forward to an Indica formula in the coming days!
  • Train Wreck – a classic flower! Complex with slightly sweet n’ sour aroma greets us when opening up the container. Flowers have a good density to them, but not overly hard. A slight squeeze will bring forth delicious hidden terpenes, including pepper and citrus. This strain hits quickly and has a noticeable attitude adjuster in its head change, strong sativa medicine. Effects are great for daytime, and wear off well, without leaving you drowsy.
  • Sour Tsunami – This harvest delivers on its sticky, medicine-packed promise. The aroma is wonderfully sweet, a little reminiscent of Jack Herer. Nugs are large and dense and literally sparkling with trichomes. We found the smoke to be smooth and sweet, a nice bowl of medicine that delivers a clear head and relaxed body.
  • Super Sour OG A new flower, and true hybrid! The OG parentage definitely comes through with a fresh earthy organic perfume and a touch that light neroli flavor, like fresh squeezed lemon juice over a bowl of berries. These flowers truely bring the smell and smoke taste of a summer backyard bar-b-que with your closest friends. Each of these fluffy full buds have a rosiness of pink in all those pretty sunset orange hairs. Softly dusted in sparkly (soon to be/almost/would be kief-y goodness) trichromes each tiny leaflet is worth a second glance. The effect starts in the head, before settling down to the body.
  • LA GOO is skunky, POTENT, and an exceptional bargain! A cross between two potent indicas known for relaxation… expect heavy couch lock from this strain, with pain relief throughout the body. The smell and taste are strongly Afgoo, a strong musky smell that instantly distinguishes it from other strains and carries through in the taste.


Cannalgesic: Topical Pain Relief

Spray LotionCannalgesic topical tincture spray starts with the finest ingredients that can be found in nature.  They use only premium medical grade cannabis and the purest isopropyl alcohol.  Three full months is needed to complete their cold brew tincture process which produces the base of the Cannalgesic products.  Vitamins are added to stabilize effectiveness and give Cannalgesic tincture a long shelf life while nourishing the skin during each usage.

Cannalgesic’s lotion base is hempseed oil which bonds medical cannabis to lotion for transfer through the skin and directly to the pain quickly. Fats from hempseed oil sweep any residual THC left on skin into alcohol flared cells.

They bottle in amber glass for IR/UV protection and each product is tamper sealed.  A Cannalgesic set consists of one spray and one lotion which usually lasts an average patient about three months.  Either product can be used separately with positive effects. Cannalgesic spray and lotion work without causing euphoria or numbness, though a slight tingling is normal.

Never eat or drink Cannalgesic products as they are only intended to be used topically.

Cover with a dab of lotion.

2 sprays on the pain source

Cannalgesic products should not be used by people with; sensitive skin, open wounds, rashes or known negative reaction to rubbing/isopropyl alcohol.

Raw Cacao: A Medicinal Superfood

We have a wealth of information about the newest addition to our menu, Medical Cannabis Raw Chocolates from The Green Cacao Company. I’ve copied some of the information from their their wonderful PDF detailing all the amazing benefits of this raw superfood.

Raw Cacao

Each ingredient used by The Green Cacao Company has a medicinal value and/or specific physiological benefit: it is all plant medicine… There are no ‘fillers.’ These are not simply candy or sugary treats with THC added; this is potent super-food, with exceptional healing properties.

Everything is Low GI and safe for diabetics and others with sugar sensitivities. After eating, you won’t be hit by a toxic sugar crash.

Raw Cacao (versus conventionally processed/cooked chocolate, such as Ghirardelli, Cadbury, Dagoba, etc. ) has a molecular structure that mimics cannabinoids, and creates experiential and physiological results very similar to Sativa… When cacao is processed/cooked over 118 degrees, the molecular structure changes, degrading the plant substance, depleting the antioxidants, flavinoids and other beneficial counts otherwise naturally inherent… in other words, raw cacao is a totally different substance from processed/cooked chocolate.

* Raw Cacao is also often referred to as ‘Nature’s Prozac’ (again, only when it’s raw, not processed/cooked) triggers a significant release of serotonin, dopamine, endorphins

* The benefits of the THC and CBD are enhanced through the chemical synergy created by the combined raw cacao and super foods delivery mechanism.
Again, these benefits are not degraded by sugar toxins… Benefits include:
— extremely high levels of antioxidants
— raised metabolism & improved cardiovascular health
— increased stamina & stimulated human growth hormone
— mental clarity & focus
— relief from depression, stress, anxiety, etc.


Venice Cookie Company = Amazing Edibles

Our quest for excellence in edibles has met with great success, as we announce the newest additions to our menu from the Venice Cookie Company.

Being able to precisely measure dosages and achieve predictable results has always been one of the major challenges facing medical cannabis patients, but with edibles like these (and of course, our old standby, Auntie Dolores) there is no guesswork. You know exactly how many milligrams of medicine is in each bite (or sip) and can feel confident that you won’t be under (or over) medicating.

A little experimentation is necessary at first, until you learn what dosage works best for you at different times — and remember, most edibles will work differently depending on what and how recently you have eaten.

Most of VCC’s edibles are highly concentrated, so you don’t have to worry too much about how much you’re adding to your daily diet in order to stay medicated. A few, like the Green Valley Farms granola, are made to be more of a real meal (or a hearty snack), but for the most part you’ll be able to get full effects from very modestly-sized servings.

From healthy granola to chocolate bars with popping candy in them, we hope you’ll find just the right edible/drinkable medication in our current selection, which is the best it’s ever been!

Sespe Creek Featured Medicine: Ground Owl Pain Lotions

One of the reasons that marijuana is such an effective medicine for so many ailments is that our bodies have elaborate receptor systems for the active ingredients. For that reason, it makes sense to take a multi-faceted approach to medicating, and the Ground Owl line of topicals is very popular among our patients.

The lotions are thick, fragrant, and come in two types: Calming Lavendar, and Invigorating Peppermint. Created and mixed up by hand by Sepse Member/Volunteer PeuYoko, these topicals are a treat at any time of the day or night, especially refreshing for those with dry, cracked skin. I’ve found they help heal small abrasions, as well as improve the general skin tone with regular use (I’m 51 and need all the help I can get with that!).

Hemp Wick Offers a Safer Alternative for Smokers

Sespe Creek Collective proudly carries Humboldt Wick, a 100% organic alternative to butane, matches, and naptha-based (Zippo) lighters, all of which carry their own health risks.

Medical research has found that butane exhaust inhalation can cause drowsiness (narcosis), asphyxia, cardiac arrhrythmia, and even dull the senses of smell and taste.

Humboldt Wick is all-natural hemp-based twine coated with beeswax, which burns so clean it’s approved by the American Lung Association. Recent studies have shown that moderate marijuana usage is not harmful to the lungs, so by adding the health benefits of cleaner-burning ignition soruces you have the comfort of knowing that you’re not adding anything harmful to your meds. Ask for a free sample with your next order!

Medical Cannabis in a Pill

Many doctors recommend using edibles and vaporizers over smoking our medicine, and for those of us who suffer from respiratory illness, this is a very important part of being able to enjoy the benefits of medical marijuana without unpleasant side effects to our breathing.

As an asthmatic, I find that marijuana’s anti-inflammatory effects help my breathing in a substantial and noticeable way, and edibles are the best way to accomplish this — but as much fun as Fruity Marshmallow squares or fancy truffles are, sometimes you just want to medicate without any sort of hassle whatsoever, and that’s where caninol pills just shine. They’re small, convenient, portable, and most of all, effective.  My experience with them is that one in the morning gets the day off to a great start, with just the right amount of physical and psychoactive effects to help with the asthma, anxiety/depression, and TMJ pain that the medicine helps me cope with.

If you’re trying these for the first time, start with just one and give it at least an hour (or more if on a full stomach) to assess the effects.