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As I searched the internets for a tasty Cannabis Chai recipe to share with our members, I found quite a few elaborate and fun-sounding recipes, which I will include below if you’re the type to enjoy that sort of thing. As for myself, I prefer the easiest possible method for achieving acceptable results, hence Lazy Chai. This recipe serves four:


1c heavy cream
6 bags Vanilla Chai (I used Bigelow’s)
.5g Blackberry cobbler (or some other form of hash or kief)


double boiler (I used a pan and a random metal bowl I found, you don’t have to get fancy)
whisk for stirring (or whatever, that’s just what I used, and it worked well)

Before you get the cream going, bring 32oz of water to boil and begin steeping your tea. It’s meant to be a bit on the strong side, as you will be adding a lot of milk and perhaps ice, later on.

While the tea is steeping and making your kitchen smell amazing, heat the milk in the double boiler, sprinkling the hash or kief over the top as it warms up. I avoided boiling the milk, and just kept it at a constant almost-boil for the next 20 minutes, stirring more or less constantly. As the cream reduces, add water so you don’t end up with a milk-based sludge product at the end. I ended up adding about a half cup during the simmering process.

I combined the milk/hash and the tea in a mason jar and utilized my colleagues as test subjects. Everyone loved the taste, and the hungry amongst us reported near-instantaneous feelings of relaxation with a sustained high that’s still going several hours later. No one’s yet had a full serving, but I’ve chilled the remainder and will try this evening; I’ll let you know how that goes :).

All in all, I’m very satisfied with how this recipe came out, and especially pleased with how easy it was to achieve some very tasty, effective results.

Now, for the more culinary-inclined (or the less lazy), here’s an alternative: A delicious-sounding recipe that I found in my travels, discovered in a comment on a very old blog

Cannabis (2 or 3 g)
2 Cinnamon sticks
2 cups water
1 cup milk (or soy milk)
small dash of nutmeg
5 whole cloves
5 tbsp. of honey
2 tsp. Ginger powder
a very small dash of white pepper

Bring water to a boil in a small pot and put in all ingredients except cannabis and milk. Let boil with ingredients for about 5 minutes, then lower heat to simmer and add cannabis. Let steep for 10 minutes on simmer and add milk, then enjoy. You can microwave milk for 15 seconds for better results.