It’s Raining Concentrates!


01/14/2014: We are offering, for a limited time only, $5 off on any concentrate on our menu. Use code FB420 (either tell the operator on the phone, or type the code into the comments box with your online order).

In the past two days we’ve added a whopping NINE brand new concentrates to our menu. We’re excited about each and every one of these masterfully prepared medicines, and we hope you are too! There are crumbles for the dabbers and hashes for those not quite ready for the whole ‘dab’ thing yet, and a brand new ‘taffy’ made from our CBD-rich Sour Tsunami flowers.

Also, you may have noticed our categories have changed a bit. We understand that high CBD medicines are not that easy to find, so we decided to make separate categories: one for CBD-rich flowers and another for other forms.

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