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There are many reasons to choose concentrates (such as hash, waxes, and oils), but the process of using them may seem a little confusing at first, with some of the methods being downright intimidating. So whether you have a higher tolerance and need a more intense dosage, or whether you prefer the health benefits of getting the medicine without having to burn too much plant matter, we hope these handy household hints will help you get the most from your hash.

Hot Knives

Well that doesn’t sound scary at all, does it? Not just a knife, but knives, and hot ones! Do not fret, Gentle Reader, it’s really not as bad as it sounds, and it can be done with basic items almost all of us have in our kitchen. Not only that, but almost every article on the subject calls it the most efficient way to make sure you don’t waste any of your hash, and that in itself a pretty good reason to give it a try. Pretty simple, just take two basic kitchen knives, heated up to almost glowing hot, then drop a tiny amount of hash on one of them, smash them together, and inhale the results. I’ll concede that still sounds a bit intimidating, so here’s a video where some helpful folks demonstrate this for us:

See how easy that was? Now, in that video we see hot knife hits as a kind of social activity, but what if you’re not in a social setting? In this example, a clever smoker uses a twist tie from a loaf of bread to hold the tiny piece of hash:

The Penny

For those (like myself) who remain steadfastly unconvinced that using blazing hot pieces of metal could ever by easy or fun, the following video shows a simpler and similarly effective method that will work whether you’re alone or with friends. Begin by placing a penny on a hard surface (to be safe, something fire and heat-resistant), place your chunk of hash on top, and ignite the hash with a regular lighter. When it’s burning, place an inverted glass or wide-mouth jar over it, and allow the smoke to condense. As the heavy smoke cools and falls back down, lift the edge of the glass or jar and suck up the smoke with a straw, tube, disassembled pen, whatever’s handy. All the smoke is preserved this way, so if you’re alone you can inhale it all at once or in several smaller puffs. The video is a bit on the long side, but still quite informative and entertaining.

The Nail

Not to be confused with the fancy smoking apparatus of the same name, this technique refers to using a nail (rather than a penny) to hold your hash while you get the burning going. To do this, you use any common household nail as long as it’s not too thick, or coated with anything that might be toxic. Secure the nail in something heat-resistant and stable, our resident budtender suggests using one of those pink school erasers and poking the nail through it. This method works best with the more sticky types of concentrate, the waxes and the really gooey hashes rather than the crumbly types. Same basic method as the penny, make sure the hash is thoroughly ignited, collect the smoke under a glass or jar, and inhale the condensed smoke through a straw as it falls.

Now, for those of you who want to treat yourself to a fabulous new smoking piece, we wouldn’t want to deter you from that delightful quest. But if you are medicating on a budget and looking for the biggest possible bang for your buck, we hope we’ve given you some ideas to help you get going. What’s your favorite smoking method? Leave us a comment and let us know!