Sespe has been raided. We (still) need your help.

Sespe Creek Collective was raided by local law enforcement on November 3. Twenty people lost their jobs. All medicine and patient files were seized, all bank accounts remain frozen.  [read about it on KCRW]

We are crippled for the short-term and are UNABLE to deliver to our patients. If you have a critical need for a medicine that you can't find anywhere else, please contact us and we will do our best to facilitate something for you. You can find other services using locator sites like, or try Yelp or Google. 

We hope to be back up and running soon thanks to new rules taking place in Ojai. However we need your support to get there. We had a fundraiser site going so we could pay staff their last paycheck. We raised $18,000 in donations, waited anxiously for them to arrive, then watched the vast majority of them get refunded -- payment provider WePay refused to help us, leaving only the PayPal donations, a small fraction of that total. Being a cannabis business is still against a lot of rules.

Any of you who donated and were refunded, and still wish to help, can send a check to support us to the collective's lawyer: James Devine, 45 S. California St Suite 9, Ventura CA 93001. Make sure to indicate c/o Sespe Trust. This will be used to settle employee paychecks and immediate cultivator debts from our local small farmers, as well as legal fees involved to file motions to get our things back and defend the CEO against pending charges. For now we are using a public defender.  

We worked hard to be the most compliant collective we could be, so we are optimistic this is only a short-term obstacle. But our accounts will take awhile to reinstate and we may never get our patient's life-saving medicine back...

If you can help us get through we'd very much appreciate it. As a true nonprofit, Sespe did not have secret cash reserves to use in the event such a thing happened.

With Gratitude,
Sespe Creek Collective


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