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Tahiti Lime 1.3g Torpedo Infused Pre-roll

Tahiti Lime 1.3g Torpedo Infused Pre-roll

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Tahiti Lime is a sativa-dominant strain, celebrated for its unique flavors and relaxing effects. Ideal for experienced users seeking relief from stress and anxiety.

KGB Reserve Torpedo is an indulgent, handcrafted blend infused with cannabis oil and dusted with kief, offering a luxurious and premium experience for discerning consumers.

THC 31.41%



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Tahiti Lime is a sativa-dominant weed strain created from a unique blend of Dosidos and Zkittlez. Known for its flavors of nuts, tree fruit, and lime, this strain appeals particularly to more experienced cannabis consumers. The primary effects of Tahiti Lime include feelings of relaxation, giggling, and tingling sensations. Often chosen by medical marijuana patients for alleviating symptoms related to stress, anxiety, and depression, its prominent terpene is myrcene. This intriguing strain offers a complex and enjoyable experience for those familiar with cannabis.

KGB Reserve Torpedo represents the synergy of four quality ingredients, handcrafted to create an indulgent experience. This product consists of hand-rolled “Killer Green Bud” that’s infused with a blend of pure cannabis oil mixed with fine diamond sauce, and finished with a dusting of locally sourced kief. The combination results in a luxurious and memorable cannabis experience. With an emphasis on quality and the consumer’s experience, KGB Reserve Torpedo is a top-tier offering for those seeking a premium, whole flower-based product.

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KGB Reserve, a Latin and woman-owned equity brand, was co-founded by Mike and Derrick. Their journey began in 2011 during a cannabis conversation in Oakland, California, where they now operate their distribution and manufacturing companies. With a combined 45-plus years of cannabis experience, knowledge, and friendships, they've laid a solid foundation for the brand. Their select team consists of cannabis professionals, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts who work together to create a truly memorable cannabis experience.
As a luxury cannabis brand that prioritizes sourcing quality ingredients, KGB Reserve's primary focus is the consumer experience. The acronym KGB stands for Killer Green Bud, a piece of cannabis slang from the founders' high school years, and serves as the main ingredient for their artisanal products. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their hand-crafted, small-batch production, ensuring that every product meets their high standards. KGB Reserve's promise is to deliver super-premium, top-shelf, whole flower as the main ingredient every single time, reflecting their dedication to quality and the satisfaction of their consumers.


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Tahiti Lime 1.3g Torpedo Infused Pre-roll

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