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Bubba Kush 1g Fso

Bubba Kush 1g Fso

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Discover the tranquilizing effects of Bubba Kush, a prominent indica cannabis strain known for its potent relaxation properties. Delight in its sweet hashish flavors with hints of chocolate and coffee that grace the palate upon exhale. This strain, with its bulky bud structure and hues ranging from green to pale purple, promises not only relaxation but also a feast for the eyes. Experience the full spectrum of Bubba Kush’s attributes with the FSO, designed to provide a measured and personalized cannabis experience.

THC 826mg



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Bubba Kush, often referred to as “BK” or simply “Bubba,” is a renowned indica cannabis strain, known far and wide for its potent tranquilizing properties. This strain envelops users in a profound state of relaxation, gradually easing muscle tension and fostering a sense of euphoria that seems to blanket the mind, alleviating stress and nurturing a happy mood.

One of the distinctive features of this strain is its complex flavor profile. On exhaling, users can expect a delightful blend of sweet hashish flavors, complemented by subtle notes of chocolate and coffee, tantalizing the palate in a unique way. This strain is not just about the flavors, as it also presents an appealing visual aesthetic. The buds of Bubba Kush are notably bulky, displaying a range of hues from forest green to pale purple, making it a visually appealing choice for enthusiasts.

Though the exact genetic origins of Bubba Kush remain somewhat of a mystery, it is believed to have Afghani lineage owing to its stocky plant stature and bulky bud structure. According to the breeder who named the strain, it emerged in the late 90s, a product of the pollination of an unknown indica strain that was obtained in New Orleans. While the mother plant was supposedly a variety of Northern Lights, the exact details remain elusive, with the unknown indica strain simply referred to as “Bubba.” Since its inception, Bubba Kush has grown in popularity, especially in California, where it has firmly rooted itself in the cannabis culture.

Users looking to have a controlled experience can enjoy this strain in the form of Full Spectrum Oil (FSO), a versatile product that allows for precise dosage measurement, ensuring a tailored experience each time.




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Bubba Kush 1g Fso

Availability: 2 in stock

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