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CBD Alive THCa Drops 1:5


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A mix of the highest quality CBD-rich Cannabis Oil and wildcrafter liquid coconut oil, blended to create the perfect medium for ease of use. Our hand-blended botanicals for lab tested, ensuring accurate dosing and optimum standards of quality. We extract our oils using a CO2 sub-critical extractor, allowing the essential components of the plant material to remain present for optimal healing benefits. The cannabis plant naturally produces THC and CBD (cannabidiol) compounds in the acid form, before its heated. THCAcid is considered to be twice the anti-inflammatory agent as THC and many people find it useful for muscle and joint pains.
THC: 35.06 mgCBD: 9.98 mg CBDA 30.09 mgCBG 2.55 mgCBC: 2.87 mgCBN: 1.54 mgCBGA: 19.52 mg
Ingredients: Wildcrafted Liquid Coconut Oil, Pure C02-Extracted Cannabis Oil, Organic Ginger Oil.


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