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Dispensary Visits/Pickups and New Delivery Zones

The good news: we are thrilled to finally be able to offer storefront service to patients in Ventura County who want to see and sniff their flowers before making a purchase. We will be able to register and serve any qualified medical patient 18 and over (younger patients require a parent or guardian as their caregiver) with a CA recommendation and valid ID. You will still be required to agree to the code of conduct and sign our membership agreement.

The bad news: we will no longer be delivering within the city limits of all the cities that have banned deliveries: Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Santa Paula, Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks. Oxnard and Ventura cities are regulating deliveries so we hope we will be able to resume service there in January. If you live in Port Hueneme, you will be able to get delivery from a Port Hueneme-based shop only. We will only be delivering to residents of the city of Ojai and in the unincorporated county areas. This includes Casitas Springs, Oak View, Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte, La Conchita, Somis, El Rio, etc.

It’s not always obvious whether you’re in an unincorporated area or not — just because you use a city as your address, doesn’t mean you’re located within its boundaries. If you voted for city council candidates in the last election, you’re in a city; if you didn’t, you’re in an unincorporated area. The county offers a more detailed map, but we’ve provided a simplified version to give you a general idea of where we can and cannot deliver. You can also check your address here, click “Search for Parcels” on the left and enter your address. Let the auto-search find your address then select it. Zoom out on the map and you’ll be able to see if you’re in the shaded city limits or unincorporated area.

If you’re negatively impacted by these bans on deliveries, we suggest you¬†contact your city council members and ask them to repeal the bans on delivery!

If you’re not in a delivery area, you can always come to Ojai to visit the dispensary and make your selections, or pick up an order submitted online or by phone.